If handwritten notes revealed that President Trump said that, I think you would be breaking in for some news.

But yesterday, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were implicated in a plot to sabotage and overthrow their successors, and the media didn’t bat an eye.

To recap: Obama and Biden illegally spied on their political opponents, using phony foreign dirt solicited by their political party, and Obama wanted “to know everything.” After they lost, they did everything in their (abuse of) power to propel the false collusion narrative and continue their sham investigations, with the “right people.”

Now new notes from Peter Stzrok reveal in early January 2017 Obama instructed his FBI to keep investigating the incoming national security adviser – when the case was supposed to be closed. This was while dozens of top officials – including Biden himself – unmasked Gen. Flynn to spy on his phone calls, which were then illegally leaked, before sending agents in to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute or get him fired.” The pretext was the Logan Act, an 18th century law never used to prosecute a single American. And it was Joe Biden who brought it up.

Falsely accuse your own former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency of being a Russian asset, find nothing, and then entrap him anyway?

It’s called “by the book” in the Obama-Biden White House. And still Obama lectures the rest of us about institutional norms and “basic regard for the rule of law.”

A lot has been revealed since the last time Joe Biden held a press conference 84 days ago. Now we know Biden’s intimate involvement in plotting against the incoming Trump administration in early January 2017. The last time he was asked he claimed he knew “nothing about” the political investigation into Gen. Flynn.

Will he change his story again?

Better ask him now before Biden’s memory fails him.

Liz Harrington

RNC National Spokesperson